Data storage

STONE NAS was built for MOBOTIX video archiving. 

The system has integrated the functions offered by MOBOTIX and new applications, which will be useful to anyone working with MOBOTIX cameras.


Auto configuration

Fast and easy Mobotix archive, IP address and volume configuration within one system.

HDD availability

Easy to get overview of HDD space availability, easy to use built in tool.

HDD health test

 Avoid losing sensitive information, system will notify if HDD fails.

RAM availability

Easy to get overview of system load, easy to use built-in tool.

Camera connectivity

Be informed about camera availability, alarm notification if camera fails.

System maintenance

Easy to gather and send log files with necessary information.

Bonjour / Avahi

Automatic camera search, even in a different subnet, built in service.

RAID configuration 

Easy to configure RAID functionality, automatic process.

HDD amount determination

Easy to start configuration process, system automatically determines total available space.

Time server

Archive will always have synchronization with cameras and management software, provided by built-in time server.


Fast inspection of high quality video archive, even with a low bandwidth network.

Camera IP address check

Avoid IP address conflicts, system automatically checks for address overlap.

Where to use?

STONE NAS is usable for all kinds of MOBOTIX solutions. The system is scalable depending on the hardware you will be useing.
Public sector


Industry and retail
Transport, logistics & traffic
Banking sector
Hospitality and amusement leisure