Drowning Detection and Prevention Technology

SwimEye is a technologically advanced Computer Vision Detection System for swimming pools. The object recognition software will track the movements of all swimmers in your pool. In the event of a serious drowning incident, SwimEye will help improve lifeguard’s reaction times. SwimEye works like an “extra lifeguard” under the water of your pool and can be customized to suit any swimming pool.

SwimEye ™ covers the following areas:

  1. Drowning detection system

  2. Sauna and restroom security systems

  3. Monitoring through the central control panel

  4. Security advice

Protect people from accidents

Fully automated drowning detection system
Reduces the amount of accidents by shortening the response time of the lifeguard
An additional "lifeguard" that sees under water
Increased sense of security
Possibility to provide all information about the event visually and in writing
The system can be installed in a water-filled swimming pool
New and constantly updated technology
TETRA communication system with waterproof Sepura receivers
Rational and competitive price
24/7 Service

Steps for installing SwimEye


When planning a SwimEye system, the information about the object is first collected then the price is evaluated and confirmed.


Technical equipment installation work is underway, software is being prepared and installed.


After installing the software, it is configured and tested. The system is launched only after ensuring its high quality performance.


The SwimEye system is monitored online. The service has a paid annual license, which includes maintenance, technical support and updates.