T26 Outdoor Station and Access Module

Hemispheric Door Station. Better Overview, More Security.

The high-resolution, hemispheric IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX is an innovative, powerful solution that is easy to install. The T26 is based on the VoIP/SIP Video Intercom standard. All the modules offered for outdoor areas are weatherproof and maintenance-free and can be used in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 140°F).

No blind spots

This system has a 3.1 Mpx resolution image sensor and internal memory that stores the entire view of the entrance.

Video calls all over the world

When the doorbell rings, the device dials the video phone or standard PC for two-way audio transmission and door lock control.

Video with sound

The door monitoring system camera can automatically record events. For example, someone called a doorbell or someone moving to the door.

Access without keys

Door can be controlled simply and securely by entering a PIN code using the keypad module or using RFID cards.

Voice messages

Digital voice messages can be recorded by pressing the door call button. You can listen to the messages after personal authentication.

Easy installation

To connect the door monitoring system, a computer network cable or double-wire cable (Mx2Wire technology) is sufficient.

Hemispherical camera

  • Intercom function

  • Synchronized image and sound

  • Video recording by events

  • Exterior lighting and doorbell buttons

Keyboard with lighting

  • Door opening with RFID card or PIN code

  • Listen to/leave voicemail

  • Unlock/lock the door

  • The module can also be used separately

Info module with lighting

  • With M2xwire device (optional)

  • Data and power transmission via a dual-wire cable, not a computer network cable

  • For dual-wire cable up to 200 m in length