ALTAS Academy

Expert knowledge is at the heart of every product's technical and commercial success. It is therefore essential that those responsible for advice, project planning, implementation and support are given the opportunity to learn and develop.

Training calendar

ALTAS IT chooses to work only with qualified, experienced and reliable professionals in their field. These are the leading companies and their employees in Baltic states - security specialists, planning consultants, engineers, system maintainers, etc. 

To provide an opportunity for everyone interested to acquire new knowledge and practical skills, we have created the ALTAS Academy, where professionals from Baltic states and around the world - security technology manufacturers, sales managers, etc. - will share their experience.

Successful safety improvement projects are only possible if the people/staff themselves have been subjected to safety capacity building. In order to introduce innovative solutions and promote productive change in the industry in the future, everyone working in the security field must be highly qualified, able to solve all challenges and have the inner drive to strive higher, to achieve more.

To increase the general and technical knowledge of the Latvian security industry regarding the correct and appropriate installation, configuration and management of security solutions. To achieve uniformly high security standards, thus contributing to the fact that all those working in the security industry are professionals in their field.

Who should take the training?

Security system integrators and installers

Security managers and representatives 

Other persons related to the security industry

"No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that's the exciting part." /Tiger Woods/​

Why do I need to attend trainings?

New knowledge as well as practical skills

The opportunity to learn from Latvian, Lithuanian and global industry professionals.

A balance between theoretical knowledge and practical involvement.

Improve your knowledge of security industry solutions.

Upgrading your qualifications

To improve your personal level of qualification, including the overall level of qualification and competence of the company / organisation in different areas of the security sector.


Each training will be tailored to each participant to facilitate their progress and development.

The opportunity to get answers to questions, unclear aspects afterwards.

Business contacts

Meet other companies and organisations, gaining valuable contacts for the future and the opportunity to promote practical exchanges.

Meet and do business with new clients, make contacts for potential business.

Benefits you get:

During the ALTAS Academy you will gain general, technical knowledge and practical (experience), learning about the latest developments and solutions in the security industry.

You will gain new knowledge on the following topics:

Risk management

Choice of security systems  

Principles of low voltage

Data network

Server solutions  

Security and access systems

Video security solutions

AI capabilities in security

security systems

Smart building systems

Fire alarm


Security systems

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