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ALTAS IT, Ltd. is one of the first companies to introduce innovative technologies for transport and IP video surveillance in the Baltic States. We have accumulated a lot of experience in this field and have earned an outstanding reputation. Due to our skilled employees, reliable partners and innovative solutions we maintain our strong leadership position in the market. 

ALTAS IT belongs to ALTAS company group - the leader in vehicle equipment, video surveillance and security solutions industry, which has business experience since 1992.  We are the leading manufacturer's of video surveillance and security solutions, such as Hanwha Vision, MOBOTIX, Genetec, Digifort, Emitlight, Kentix, Vanderbilt, STid etc. official representatives in the Baltic States.

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  550+ customers in the Baltic States

We are the official representative of the leading safety manufacturers in the Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 


A vast supply of German-made cameras. You can choose a video camera based on your needs and situation: indoor and outdoor cameras are available for both private and business purposes.


High-class infrared illuminators, which can be applied to any CCTV camera, ensuring the high quality image recorded by the cameras at night or under the poor weather conditions.


Access control products allow end-users to realise virtually anything, ranging from a simple door opening ban to controlled locking in an emergency and automated control of individual employees.


Digifort, MOBOTIX and ALTAS IT software - leading software solutions for combining and optimizing video and security systems.


Only the latest technologies have been used to create EISSOUND, allowing quality music to be enjoyed. Everything is controlled by a stylish and innovative remote, or directly from an iPod, iPhone or other device.


We create also unique individual solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies while looking for added value and adapting to the challenges our customers face in day-to-day work.


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