The essence of ALTAS IT

Respect your visions and dreams, because they are the children of your soul; they are the blueprints for your ultimate achievements. /Napoleon Hill/

Each company has its own vision of the path it will follow. Our mission is to build value for our partners by providing the best solutions available. Guided by this mission, our vision is to become the leading security systems brand in the Baltics, so that we can deliver the highest quality products and service, creating a vivid picture of a possible future for the security industry. We strive to achieve our goals through our passion for our work, continuous self-education and training of others, as well as the long-standing loyalty of our partners, ensuring that innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction are at the forefront.

We are committed to excellence, and strive to foresee a future for the next five decades in which we grow, continuously evolve and improve every day.

Our daily efforts are closely linked to the realisation of our goal - building a solid and reliable partner network - which our passionate team works on every day. And at the heart of everything we do is a shared commitment to these three basic principles: quality, honesty, passion!

At ALTAS IT, we are truly proud to have a team of dedicated and result-oriented employees who work every day to ensure a stable and reliable partner network.


Our mission is to increase partner value by providing next generation solutions in the security and automation industry. We believe that defining our mission is a very important factor to contribute to the sustainability and development of the company. It is an excellent formula to remember so that we maintain the focus we need on a daily basis.


To become the leading and most recognisable security systems brand in the Baltics - yes, that's our vision in strong words. A vision is like a great spiker, which is very useful not to get lost in the flow of information and to be able to look into the future with a confident head.


A shared goal - to build a solid and reliable network of partners to achieve common goals - has always been a unifying factor.

We are convinced that goals can be achieved many times faster and easier if everyone looks in the same direction and believes in what they are doing. 

Become an ALTAS IT partner and let's achieve our common goals!

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