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ALTAS IT range of CCTV cameras offers only certified products that meet the highest security requirements, providing state-of-the-art solutions to protect people, property and data, while delivering an outstanding customer experience through continuous innovation, unrivalled service and the highest standards of integrity.

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Video surveillance cameras for your business security

Mobotix and Hanwha Vision video surveillance cameras offer the latest generation of video surveillance solutions that can meet almost any video surveillance requirement. Nowadays, the successful operation of companies and public institutions is impossible without a professional video surveillance system. 

Moreover, video surveillance cameras are no longer just a security and management requirement for high-security infrastructures such as airports, sports stadiums or prisons. The use of video surveillance cameras is also increasingly used in the manufacturing, transport and logistics, tourism, education and healthcare sectors to ensure efficient and quality production processes and service delivery.  

Video Surveillance options - choose the right one

Made in Germany

A leading manufacturer of intelligent IP video surveillance cameras and security systems

Decentralised security solutions with the highest level of cybersecurity and GDPR compliance

Much more than just the classic monitoring of security risks

One of MOBOTIX's core business areas is innovation in industrial and process monitoring

Made in South Korea

Built a full line-up of video surveillance products from cameras a​nd storage devices to integrated control and intelligent video analysis software

We are using our top-tier optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technologies.

High-resolution equipment and intelligent technologies that can thwart crimes in advance and effectively respond to the emergence of new technologies

Comprehensive Follow-Up and Support Systems

Missions and core values

Mission statement to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’ is the heart of a philosophy that recognizes that video surveillance is part of a wider potential with MOBOTIX as a foundational platform for innovative solutions to real world challenges in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation and many other areas.

MOBOTIX stand apart with their uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensure long-term investment security.  

At MOBOTIX, We Don't Just Talk About Quality - We Live It. 

Despite the fact that MOBOTIX has been in the business since 1999, the core of Mobotix is still focused on today - being here and now, answering today's questions.

Behind Hanwha’s achievement are the spirit of Hanwha Vision, ‘Trust and Loyalty.’ Established on the spirits, our core values of ‘ChallengeˑDedicationˑIntegrity’ affect the thoughts and behaviors of all employees and unite us. These values form the driving force that has innovated our corporate culture and pushed us closer toward achieving our growth vision.

Challenge: break away from complacency and pursue excellence through change and innovation.

Dedication: treasure the relationships with colleagues, the company, and customers and commit to achieving a greater goal.

Integrity: adhere to principles, be impartial, and take pride in doing so. 

Manufacturing process

Both companies manufacture every part themselves. Like MOBOTIX, Hanwha Vision has full control over every step of the production process: designing, assembling and manufacturing all the key elements of its products in-house, forming a reliable supply chain.

This not only creates first-class supervision and safety, but also provides an additional guarantee for every product created. This is probably why MOBOTIX and Hanwha Vision considers its own cameras to be the most rugged in the camera industry - unrivalled in terms of durability, both weather and man-made. 

'Green' companies - Green IP Video

Durable and energy-saving MOBOTIX systems protect resources and our environment.

Environmental awareness is growing around the world while energy prices are rising and MOBOTIX offers outstanding solutions.

How much energy is needed by a camera or the network and computer technology they are based on? This varies greatly. The network cable (PoE) fully supplies MOBOTIX IoT cameras with minimal amounts of energy and only relevant data is transmitted via the network. There is no need for permanent computational power from external computers or mass storage systems (which constantly consume power). This is noticeable.

The durability of MOBOTIX cameras is another financial and ecological benefit. While our cameras often survive multiple generations of devices from other market players, they save material and costs. Today even 15-year-old camera models are still serviced with cybersecure software updates and can be repaired inexpensively, thanks to the intelligent modular design. By the way, some MOBOTIX cameras have already been running for about 20 years without needing any replacement parts.

Your benefits

Active contribution to environmental and climate protection

Protection of environmental resources (energy, material and CO2)

Noticeable financial benefits for the total cost of the video system (TCO)

Rising to a More Sustainable Future

Hanwha Vision is ramping up its response to the challenges of climate change as green energy becomes a global necessity. As a comprehensive green energy solutions provider, we are pioneering future markets by combining our energy production and transportation know-how with our expertise in energy sources and materials.

Hanwha is at the forefront of building a green energy value chain that encompasses solar, hydrogen, and wind energy as well as green marine solutions. Our solar power business is expanding from module production to a fully integrated supply chain, in addition to offering high-value-added services using information technology. We are accelerating our development of onshore and offshore wind power generation and creating sustainable transformation in the ocean and marine energy ecosystem. From land-based energy solutions to low- and zero-carbon marine technologies, we are tapping into green energy’s outstanding potential and strengthening our competitiveness as a green energy solutions provider to lead the way to net zero.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you need help choosing the right surveillance camera or comprehensive security solution, contact us or check out our FAQs!

A video surveillance camera is a digital video camera that is controlled and exchanges data over an IP (internet protocol) network.  

A decentralised video surveillance system is a system that does not require a video surveillance server. All intelligence (analytics, archiving, diagnostics) is processed in the camera itself. So when you buy a MOBOTIX video surveillance camera, you are actually buying a video surveillance system.  

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