MOBOTIX professional CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems from Germany. We offer our customers a wide range of IoT and IP surveillance cameras from this manufacturer, allowing you to choose a reliable CCTV camera to suit your needs. Check out the MOBOTIX cameras and the features they offer, and contact us for prices and specifications. 

About Mobotix

MOBOTIX has stood for high-end video systems since 1999. The revolutionary decentralized edge approach of the first MOBOTIX IP camera has already changed the industry from the ground up. In the tradition of this engineering art, we develop, produce, and program video systems and software for groundbreaking complete solutions.

MOBOTIX video solutions provide businesses and organizations with actionable data that improves operational efficiency and safety. We want to provide our customers with targeted benefits to support security, freedom, growth, and prosperity. It is our drive to make the world a little better every day.

Many Verticals Benefit From MOBOTIX

Industry & Production

Intelligent video technology protects your company and improves processes.

With more than 20 years of experience, we know the special needs and the environment of the industry & retail sector in detail. The customized solutions based on MOBOTIX video technology not only provide comprehensive security, but also enable great savings and profit potential through process optimization.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Prevent Unauthorized Access and Fundamental Damage.

Smooth Processes for Safe Supply - Central and critical infrastructures must be specifically secured. Not just in emergencies. High follow-up costs due to damage, repairs and power outages can be avoided by means of intelligent preventive measures. No intruders may enter the premises, whether real or digital. Security and cybersecurity are fundamental.


Cyber-secure Video Technology Protects People, Facilities, and Infrastructure.

MOBOTIX offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all aspects of video-based security systems. We develop high-quality, decentralized, energy-efficient systems that our customers save money on every installed MOBOTIX system. Our slogan "Beyond Human Vision" is also our mission: MOBOTIX is fully committed to making itself the most reliable company it can be, one that protects people and property by using intelligent, cyber-secure video technology to go beyond human vision.

Education & Science

Securing Schools since 1999. Making sure that educational institutions are safe and secure is a highly sensitive issue. Whether at a kindergarten through high school, at university or private learning institute effective learning requires a calm and safe environment. High-end video technology can be instrumental in shielding students from disruption.

Take a chance to get more information and options that matches your needs and possibilities.

The Irrevocable MOBOTIX Principles


The maximum as a minimum requirement: We assemble our IoT cameras by hand in our manufactory in Langmeil. Expect premium quality "Made in Germany" from MOBOTIX, uncompromisingly reliable and powerful.


The modular approach and flexible integration of intelligent software make our video systems agile and flexible. Because MOBOTIX systems adapt and grow with you, we can always meet almost all of our customers' requirements.


MOBOTIX video systems are durable, robust, and low-maintenance. They defy extreme temperatures and resist weather, dust, and dirt. Our cameras on Mount Everest or in demanding industrial environments confirm this daily.


Hackers are agile and clever. With the MOBOTIX Cactus concept, we protect our customers. A principal component is the decentralized MOBOTIX architecture. It enables image processing in the camera itself. Data is only transmitted in encrypted form.

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