With Mobotix technologically extremely broad camera portfolio, you are perfectly equipped for virtually any video project and every requirement!

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Centrally Managed ONVIF Cameras

In addition to the decentralized IoT camera program, MOBOTIX also offers the classic centrally managed MOBOTIX MOVE camera series. This includes four different camera types in several detail versions: PTZ SpeedDome cameras, Bullet cameras, Dome cameras and Hemispheric cameras.

These thoroughly weatherproof, high-quality IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard functions of centralized video systems, such as integrated infrared lighting, automatic day/night switching with a mechanical IT blocking filter, Wide Dynamic Range and High Speed PTZ. New with MOBOTIX MOVE: their 12 MP, 5 MP and 2 MP VA models with free integrated video analysis tools.

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Please NOTE: MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are centralized video systems in ONVIF S/Q/T standard with H.264/H.265 and require an additional central data storage (MOBOTIX NAS) and a video management system that supports the ONVIF standard (mXMC 2.0+).

MOBOTIX MOVE Bullet cameras

• Standard Bullet
• 4K Vandal Bullet
• ALPR Vandal Bullet

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• Vandal Multisensor
• Fixed Dome
• Indoor Micro Dome
• 4K Vandal Dome

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• SD-230 SpeedDome 2MP Low-Light
• SpeedDome SD-330
• SpeedDome SD 340-IR

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MOBOTIX MOVE Hemispheric Camera

• Indoor camera with up to 12 MP resolution
• Vandal-proof IK10 housing
• 360-degree view

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The Standalone All-in-One Solution with Integrated Video Management Software

MOBOTIX now offers the MOVE NVR (Network Video Recorder), a particularly practical and easy-to-use plug & play solution - ideal for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.

  • An extremely practical and easy-to-use plug & play video recorder, ideal for local CCTV systems.
  • Can be connected to monitor, mouse, keyboard and joystick. Available in two versions - 8 with 16 PoE video channels.


  • NEW: 64-channel NVR with 24 PoE+ ports
  • 64-channel NVR — system stability, storage and backup
  • MOBOTIX MOVE NVR with 8 or 16 channels

This compact end-to-end video solution is recommended for numerous applications: in retail stores, restaurants or private homes - whenever the existing video analysis functions of the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are sufficient. All connected cameras are supported by the integrated, cost- and license-free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR video management software, which is tailored to the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.

For iOS and Android: Free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR App (Available from August 2020)

A free app serving as a mobile VMS solution to display and control all MOBOTIX MOVE cameras connected to a MOBOTIX MOVE NVR (Live View, Playback View, PTZ control). The connection to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR and the cameras is established locally via an additional WLAN connection.

* Price: from €600 + VAT

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