Perimeter and intrusion detection

In the intricate dance between security and vulnerability, the first line of defense is the perimeter. As the custodian of physical boundaries, perimeter security stands as a critical frontier, tasked with the formidable responsibility of thwarting unauthorized access and detecting potential threats. Complementing this, intrusion detection technology emerges as the vigilant guardian, tirelessly monitoring, analyzing, and alerting to any breach in the established fortifications.

In this dynamic interplay, innovation takes center stage. Advanced sensors, intelligent video analytics, and cutting-edge technologies converge to create a robust tapestry of defense. The goal is clear: to extend the protective shield beyond mere physical barriers, transforming the perimeter into an intelligent, proactive guardian that adapts to the nuances of contemporary security challenges.

Sorhea, perimeter security, control, defence

Made in France

Smart Infrared Barriers

Versatile Detection Technologies 

Anti-Vandal and Weather-Resistant Design 

Integration with Security Systems 

Flasheye, 3D lidar, perimeter control, security

Made in Sweden

Intelligent Security Lighting

Dynamic Deterrence Techniques

Energy-Efficient LED Technology

Integration with Security Ecosystems

Mission and core values

Sorhea, perimeter security, control, defence


Sorhea offers a range of pre-sales and after-sales services to best assist you all along your security project and security systems installation. Their  wide range of products makes it possible to adapt to any type of site using customised, tailor-made and unique solutions.

Mission: to secure physical access to sensitive sites. The Group has 380 employees in 10 locations around the world. 

History: Since 1987 and thanks to our know-how and experience, Sorhea has established itself as the leader and specialist for perimeter intrusion detection systems. 

A key actor on the European security market, Sorhea offers the widest and most comprehensive product range with the entire rage of perimeter intrusion detection technologies.

Flasheye, 3D lidar, perimeter control, security


Flasheye is one of the first 3D lidar monitoring systems that is specifically designed for easy-installation and plug&play analytics.

Flasheye has always been driven by a visionary mission – to democratize lidar technology, for monitoring on a grand scale by forging robust partnerships.

Flasheye vision is to build the most easily installable modular smart monitoring system coupled with an advanced analytics solution giving any company access to both collecting real-time data and delivering actionable insights that could not just save lives with improved safety but also enhance quality, efficiency and productivity in all fronts.

Manufacturing processes

While specific details about the manufacturing processes of Sorhea and Flasheye are proprietary and may vary, there are common manufacturing principles that both companies, being in the security technology sector, might follow:

Research and Development

Both Sorhea and Flasheye would likely begin their manufacturing processes with extensive research and development. This involves designing and prototyping their security products, incorporating the latest technologies and innovations to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Component Sourcing

The manufacturing process would involve sourcing high-quality components from reliable suppliers. These components could include infrared sensors, LEDs, control boards, and other specialized materials necessary for the production of intelligent security solutions.

Quality Control

Both companies would likely implement stringent quality control measures at various stages of the manufacturing process. This includes testing individual components, conducting quality checks during assembly, and comprehensive testing of finished products to ensure they meet the required standards.

Assembly and Integration

The assembly phase involves putting together the various components to create the final product. In the case of Sorhea, this might involve assembling smart infrared barriers, and for Flasheye, it could involve integrating sensors and LEDs into intelligent security lighting systems.

Testing and Calibration

Rigorous testing and calibration procedures would be employed to verify the functionality and reliability of each product. This includes testing the accuracy of intrusion detection for Sorhea's barriers and ensuring the optimal performance of Flasheye's dynamic deterrence features.

Enclosure and Weatherproofing

As both Sorhea and Flasheye produce outdoor security solutions, there would likely be a focus on enclosure design and weatherproofing. This step ensures that the final products can withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations.

Technologies to protect all types of facilities

Sorhea offer the widest and most comprehensive range in the market to meet all your security problems.

Our range of products, which includes wireless and solar powered systems, offers innovative solutions for the protection of large perimeter sites:

  • Non-physical barriers: infrared, microwave
  • Thermal detectors & video analytics, dual-technology sensors
  • Physical barriers: detection cables, electrified detection fencing

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Flasheye is on a mission. The software processes 3D data in real-time to detect events and react with precise data and provides insights about our physical world. 3D monitoring will drive automation and enhance safety across industries.

Sensor agnostic: Processes 3D data in real-time, meaning you can use any lidar brand or other sensors generating 3D data.

Open platform: Support of many platforms and protocols allows you to add advanced 3D analytics into your favorite system.

Industry experience: Developed in collaboration with leaders in the security field and the team has background from the industry.

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