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Introducing with Flasheye product named Acuity – a game-changer in detecting events with high precision using lidar technology. Unlike traditional camera solutions, Acuity delivers instant, reliable information and you will feel confident knowing you have precise data at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed choices effortlessly.

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Lidar technology has been used in defence, surveying, and robotics for a long time. Today, lidar technology is the most promising technology to be the “eyes” of autonomous vehicles and robots thanks to the high precision information about distances, sizes and shapes. It is like a 3D model in real-time including thousands of measurement points! Instead of using the sensors on moving vehicles, the sensors can be used similar to cameras, installed in the infrastructure.

Flasheye’s software solution Acuity makes it possible to use lidar sensors from all different manufacturers and integrate the alarms to the most popular platforms in the security field effortlessly. No coding and no experts are needed!

Protect critical infrastructure

Using lidar for surveillance is GDPR compliant, making it a good alternative for public spaces. The sensors are not sensitive to harsh conditions and weathers.

Public safety

Lidar technology includes the data of distances and sizes, making information reliable for safety critical applications.

Perimeter Security

The high precision makes it possible to have virtual fences, detecting any movements or unwanted activities.

Use cases and USPs (advantages)

Here are some of the strongest use cases described:

Harbours and ports

Use cases

  • Perimeter protection, detect unauthorized people
  • Simplifying the search job for dogs when looking for drugs (by knowing where there has been activity)
  • Protect assets
  • Man-down

Advantages compared to analogue products:

  • Cover large areas, even monitor over the water
  • Not sensitive to reflections like radar

Urban areas

Use cases:

  • Many customers mention that entrances are safe in cities while there are more risks of the roofs and balconies. (snow maintenance, intruders, threats, drones)
  • Facades (espionage, climbing people, threats, drones)

Advantages compared to analogue products:

  • Integrity perspective in public areas
  • Monitor “in the air” with high precision, like facades
  • Not sensitive to reflections like radar


Use cases:

  • Protect assets and art
  • Detect suspicious behavior like being alone in a room, being too close the art, and abandoned objects
  • Extra layer of safety - loss detection: detect if something in the room is missing and has not being recognized during the day
  • Alarm (signal or light) immediately to stop the action
  • People counting (and trends like children vs. adults)

Advantages compared to analogue products:

  • Mitigate the need of guards
  • Why is this better than 2D lidar (like OPTEX)? o Total understanding of the environment allows you to detect suspicious behavior, and not only being too close an object. o In addition, you can gather more data from the same sensor, like trends and heatmaps how people behave and walk in the area, like which areas that are most popular etc. o “box” many unique objects from one sensor/room. Object hanging in the roof, installed at the walls, in the middle, etc.

​Train stations and infrastructure

Use cases (all of this is possible from the same system/data):

  • Detect vandalism and Detect crowds on perrons
  • Animals in train tunnels
  • Perimeter protection
  • Powerline safety (like kids climbing on trains)

Advantages compared to analogue products:

  • Integrity perspective
  • Safety applications that is not possible with CCTV, when you need to understand the distances with high accuracy, like intersections where people are close to trains, a lidar can detect danger and alarm immediately
  • Flexibility, a few sensors can monitor many things at the same time to improve the safety, well-being and also gather data like crowds and how people behave

USPs for all use cases:

  • Integrity friendly
  • High precision

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With Flasheye's versatile toolbox, you can detect changes, danger, and activities, making your operations more autonomousefficient and safe without breaching integrity.

Object detection

Size | Velocity | Direction | Class

Change detection

Volume | Intrusion | Characteristics

Real time locating

Tracking | Prediction | Distances

Meta-data and insights

Counting |Trends

See everything with state-of-the-art perception

  • Robust in harsh conditions

The sensors work in challenging environments and the software automatically sends alarm or controls the cleaning when it is needed. The sensors are not sensitive to light and weather conditions. 

  • Industrial protocols

Flasheye software solutions supports all popular industrial protocols. 

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Flasheye supports companies to optimize their operations, automate production, and mitigate the need of human attention.

Volume measurements

Measure the volumes of stockpiles and material on conveyor belts and truck beds. Start tracking the volume data to gain insights into your operations. Learn more 

Detect Deviations

Detect deviations based on quality parameters early before severe damage occurs. We have a library of ideal parameters to track. Learn more 

Traffic Control and Safety

Detect and track activities between people, vehicles, and machines to improve safety and boost the efficiency! Learn more 

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Lidar monitoring solutions

Everything is included: software licenses, connectivity, hardware, and service agreement. The solutions are easy to install.


Consultant services

Flasheye has experts in 3D analysis, automation, software development, algorithm development, AI/ML, testing, robotics and senior project management.


Proof of Concept projects

Get highlights of what is possible with this versatile technology. We help you to design and execute PoCs suited for your operations.

Ouster, Blickfeld, Velodyne, Cepton, Hybo, Aeva, Innoviz, and Hokyuo. We continuously test and integrate sensors.

It is one guide for single-sensor system and one for multi-sensor system. It can also be differences dependent on how you work with the PCs as a partner. Please contact if you have questions.

Sometimes the point cloud is loading. Things you can try if this happen: change the cloud mode to raw or check the info menu-> Sensors and see if the sensor is connected.

Decrease the number of the parameter “Clustering maximum distance” in the tracking settings. Higher number reduce the bandwidth but lower number separates objects better. 

Increase the parameter “Clustering min points” in the tracking settings. A lower number makes it possible to react on object with very low resolution but if you want a bor stable system, you can increase this number to make sure only large objects are taken into the object detection and classification. Often you need to change this parameter dependent on which sensor you have and desired detection range. Do you want to detect everything even if there is low resolution or having it more stable and require a certain minimum size of the objects?

To give perspective, a human far away can be represented by 1-3 points but still be valuable information. 

This may happen in smaller rooms/areas if you are not decreasing the dynamic resolution in the tracking settings. Dynamic resolution is the 3D grid and if the number is too large, objects close to the walls, ground and furniture can dissapear. The benefits of a larger number is that it reduce the bandwidth and also reduce false alarms, like moving vegetation close to the reference.

Not everyone has a strong PC for visualization but you can reduce the bandwidth. It is important to remember that the visualization is different from what is happening in the backend, it takes more processing capacity to show the point cloud than only process it. View skip (in the bottom right corner) can also help if you don’t need 10Hz refresh rate. Most important is to use “static+dynamic” cloud mode (only update the dynamic parts). 

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