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ALTAS IT chooses to work only with qualified, experienced and reliable professionals in their field. These are the leading companies and their employees in Baltic - security specialists, planning consultants, engineers, system maintainers, etc. One of ALTAS IT's core values is accountability for results - to the customer and excellent service, to the promised solution to the problem, to cost-per-quality and support after the sale.

Participating in our Partner Program offers a host of benefits for those committed to a long-term collaboration:

Exclusive Resources

Access exclusive resources, tools, and training materials that evolve over time, ensuring partners stay ahead in an ever-changing business landscape.

Priority Support

Enjoy priority support, ensuring that as a long-term partner, you receive dedicated assistance, quick response times, and tailored solutions to meet your evolving needs.

Coordinated Marketing Efforts

Benefit from joint marketing initiatives that strengthen brand presence over the long run, leveraging shared campaigns and collaborative promotional activities.

Networking and Collaboration

Foster lasting connections with other long-term partners, creating a collaborative ecosystem where shared experiences and insights contribute to collective growth.

Recognition and Awards

Receive recognition and awards for longstanding commitment and exceptional contributions, enhancing your company's reputation and credibility within the industry.

Partner program benefits

Stock offers

As a valuable member of our team, you have the opportunity to participate in our stock offer, aligning your success with the company's growth and fostering a shared commitment to long-term prosperity.

Attracting potential deals

Our tailored solutions leverage market intelligence to ensure your brand stands out, generates interest among your target audience and fosters lasting relationships with potential customers.

Possibility to register purchases

Each partner has access to their own company profile, where you can see all orders, their status, the services they have requested, etc.

Option to extend the guarantee

Members of the Partner Program have the possibility to extend the warranty of products purchased from ALTAS IT at no additional cost.

ALTAS IT Service discounts

Only companies participating in the Partner Program have the advantage of service discounts provided by ALTAS IT.

Common goals

Promotion of the product groups selected by the partners through joint marketing.

Great discoveries and improvements always involve many minds working together.

Alexander Graham Bell • Inventor, physiologist and physicist, inventor of the telephone and one of the founding fathers of modern sign language education.

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Some of customers who are in the program

By uniting we always see further and achieve more.

Revixit, ALTAS IT
LMT, Latvijas Mobilais telefons, ALTAS IT
enreach, ALTAS IT
DeltaPhi, ALTAS IT
Hansab, ALTAS IT
Capital, ALTAS IT
EOS - inženiertīklu eksperti, ALTAS IT
Videoprojekts Baltija, ALTAS IT
Satalit - your smart safety, ALTAS IT
Bookla, ALTAS IT
Secure, ALTAS IT
Empower - realizing smart society essentials
2K Service, ALTAS IT
pillar, ALTAS IT
EIT Sprendimai, ALTAS IT
R1 Security - Drošība Jūsu īpašumam, ALTAS IT
EURO elektronika, ALTAS IT
Stebkam, ALTAS IT
Netlis, ALTAS IT
equinox europe, ALTAS IT
kamo, ALTAS IT

Partners and their levels of cooperation

The classification of partners into Gold, Silver and Bronze levels​ allows for a structured and differentiated approach to recognise and reward different levels of commitment, contribution and engagement, creating a scalable and inclusive partner ecosystem that responds to the different capacities and preferences of partners.

Gold level partners     Silver level partners     Bronze level partners

AXIS International, ALTAS IT, NSTS

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