ALTAS IT Partner Program

ALTAS IT chooses to work only with qualified, experienced and reliable professionals in their field. These are the leading companies and their employees in Baltic states - security specialists, planning consultants, engineers, system maintainers, etc. One of ALTAS IT core values is accountability for results - to the customer and excellent service, to the promised solution to the problem, to cost-per-quality and support even after the sale.

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 Advantages/benefits of the Partner Program 

Promotion offers

Attracting potential transactions

Opportunity to register projects

Option to extend the guarantee

ALTAS IT Service discounts

Market promotion of selected product groups with common marketing activities

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 Gold level partners:

Ltd. "AE Lux"

  • Edgars Lūks: "AE Lux is a company that combines life experience and proven values with new technologies and efficient solutions. These are the core values of AE Lux, which go hand in hand with the values of ALTAS IT Latvia - together creating effective non-standard solutions with the latest technologies to provide clients with individual solutions for projects of varying complexity."

  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Revixit"

  • Mihails Jevstignejevs: "I have been working with ALTAS IT for 11 years. I would like to note that it is an incredible pleasure to work with them. All problems are solved very professionally and quickly. Excellent team! Long life and prosperity!"
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "2K Services"

  • Kristaps Kļaviņš: "At 2K Services Ltd., we offer innovative, high-quality and reliable security system solutions to ensure a high quality of service. By joining the Partner Program we are confident that with ALTAS IT support we will be able to provide higher added value to our customers."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Enreach Latvia"

  • Armands Meinarts: "For more than 4 years ALTAS IT Ltd. has been a reliable partner of Enreach Ltd., providing various video surveillance products and solutions. ALTAS IT has proven to be a reliable and professional partner, as it is able to offer personalized solutions for various security needs, and will always provide detailed information and answers to all questions."  

Ltd. "DeltaPhi"

  • Kaspars Vicinskis: "We started cooperation with ALTAS IT even before Delta Phi was founded. When I saw the opportunities that ALTAS IT offered financially and technologically, it was clear to me that by combining it with my IT knowledge, a very successful cooperation was possible. Thank you for what you have already done and I look forward to further success."

  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "NCS LV"

  • Nords Andersons: "Opportunities do not arise in the same way, we, ALTAS IT Ltd. and NCS LV Ltd., created them in order to successfully develop and create various, modern integrated project solutions that meet the needs and wishes of each client. Our common heart is to add value by combining our intellect and creativity to deliver the end product to the client, in projects of any complexity."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "G4S Latvia"

  • Aleksandrs Šnevels: "Over nearly 30 years of operation, the company has accumulated considerable experience, including international experience. Our global team of 800,000 professionals allows us to leverage global practices, best solutions, proven experience and balance our clients' needs with our existing capabilities to deliver a quality service to the highest standards in the security industry. By joining the ALTAS IT Partner Programme, we are ready to bring new ideas to our customers and help companies grow together!" 

Ltd. "RECK"

  • Viesturs Kaģis:  "RECK is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with ALTAS IT Ltd! This will allow RECK to expand its offer with modern and intelligent security, ITS and control systems. As a company that has been offering professional engineering solutions in energy, telecommunications, communications, intelligent urban systems, artificial intelligence security systems and other engineering systems that improve our daily lives for more than 20 years, it is important for RECK to cooperate with partners such as ALTAS IT. The cooperation will strengthen RECK's values as a professional engineering team and ensure a personal approach to each project and client. Together, as a team, we can deliver the best and the most suitable for our customers!"

Ltd. "Visual solutions"

  • Daniel Šuškevič: "As the range of services we offer is very broad - from the installation of video surveillance technologies to the communication of employees, and system installation - we are delighted with our continued partnership with ALTAS IT, which helps us to find new technological solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers."  
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Hansab"

  • Tomas Toločka: "We only work with trusted manufacturers and suppliers to offer our customers a wide range of integrated solutions, including security solutions. "ALTAS IT" is a reliable supplier that we fully trust."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Fima"

  • Jonas Jablonskis: "FIMA is the leading smart infrastructure solutions company in the Baltic Sea region and has been involved in major public and private infrastructure modernization projects for 30 years. Through technological innovation, we offer solutions for information communications and technology, security, automation, building infrastructure, transport and energy; we implement complex projects for urban infrastructure, transport, railways, energy and other sectors."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "EIT sprendimai"

  • Daiva Šmakovienė: "EIT Sprendimai Ltd. has been operating in the field of information and communication technologies since 2003.The company offers integrated solutions for data center infrastructure, data transmission, telecommunications, contact centers, security, video surveillance and control systems, as well as IT infrastructure management, security, maintenance and cloud services. We are one of the largest information systems and telecommunications companies in Lithuania, with long-term reliable relationships with global manufacturers. The company employs highly qualified certified specialists. Our offices are located in 5 Lithuanian cities."
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 Silver level partners: 


  • Roberts Lukss: "One of the guiding principles of GRIFS AG has always been long-term cooperation with clients and partners. The cooperation with ALTAS IT is a very good example of numerous and successful projects over many years. In today's difficult environment, where the supply of various types of technology and electronic components is difficult, with ALTAS IT we have been able to find solutions for every situation and customer need. I am confident that we will be able to do this in the future."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Hansab"

  • Ojārs Briedis: "Hansab is an innovative technology company with 30 years of experience. We have a long and successful cooperation with ALTAS IT thanks to our punctuality, professional approach and high sense of responsibility towards our work."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "A.S. Capital"

  • Aigars Bērziņš: "Given that nowadays security systems are integrated into the overall IT infrastructure, we receive more and more questions from our clients asking if we can help in this aspect with installation and maintenance of security systems. Therefore, in order to continue to provide quality technical support to our customers, we have decided to expand our competence in this area. Starting cooperation with ALTAS IT seemed to be the logical next step."  
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Videoprojekts Baltija"

  • Juris Kazulis: "Videoprojekts Baltija Ltd. is a modern security systems and solutions company that has a strong position in the market thanks to its personal attitude towards the client, professionalism, flexibility and high demands on internal quality standards and client expectations. In order to be able to maintain the standard of quality, we are equally demanding of our solution providers, which is why we have chosen ALTAS IT as one of our partners, who are already known as reliable and experienced professionals in their field, as well as being known for their quality and high standards of customer service and unique security solutions."   
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Goodman Group"

  • Jevģenijs Kružkovs: "GOODMAN GROUP Ltd. aims to offer high quality services, freeing the client from worries and providing a complete solution to the client's task. We strive to offer and implement high quality and innovative engineering solutions, therefore we are very pleased and satisfied to have started cooperation with ALTAS IT Ltd. This cooperation will certainly help in the implementation of various projects and solutions."

Ltd. "Netlis"

  • Albertas Binka: "Although we have only been working together for a short time, ALTAS IT immediately stood out for its professionalism. We often have to deal with non-standard solutions, but together with ALTAS IT, we are confident that we will be able to continue to offer our customers the highest quality services that meet their needs. We are very excited about this partnership and the new opportunities to improve ourselves."  
  • Certified for the following brands:

 Bronze level partners: 

Ltd. "EOS"

  • Oskars Jozefs: "What interested me in ALTAS IT were the artificial intelligence solutions, individual attitude towards the client and partner, as well as the quality of the solutions provided by the company and the brands represented. These are some of the common features that we can mention as the driving force behind both admissions. We look forward to a successful cooperation!"

Ltd. "Bookla"

  • Oļegs Smirnovs: "In cooperation with Bookla, your company can become an excellent example of customer service. Bookla is proof of how to run a business by regularly increasing the quality of your service through the feedback and ratings that customers leave after a visit. Bookla and ALTAS IT are moving with the times and your company can become the most modern and cost-effective in its field."

Ltd. "Satalit"

  • Aleksandrs Brovčuks:  "Years of experience in the industry have allowed us to develop and grow professionally, so it is great to work with a professional and knowledgeable company like ALTAS IT."

Ltd. "SECURE Solutions"

  • Andris Grigulis: "SECURE Solutions' Ltd. attaches great importance to their reputation and fair business practices when choosing partners, uniting us in a common goal - to provide the highest quality service and excellent customer service. With ALTAS IT we have successfully established cooperation since the company's foundation and have implemented projects of various complexity. We appreciate the professionalism of our cooperation partner and the quality of the service and products provided."

Ltd. "Rewind"

  • Jānis Rudzītis: "ALTAS IT Ltd. is an innovative company, providing its partners with the most up-to-date solutions and products on the market. Rewind has successfully integrated them into its daily operations and appreciates the high quality and support."


  • Andrejs Galzons:  "The cooperation between EMPOWER and ALTAS IT allows us to fully implement the most complex industrial and other security issues from A to Z. ALTAS IT offers modern and industry-proven solutions (video surveillance equipment, vehicle equipment and other security solutions), while EMPOWER advises on how to use the equipment and solutions, and ensures their installation and operation. If you are an EMPOWER and ALTAS IT customer, you can be sure that any security system will be tailored to your needs."
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Kamo"

  • Andis Krievinš: "We have a mutually beneficial cooperation that enables us to find technical solutions to meet the needs of end customers."  
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Easy IT"

  • Dovydas Butkus: "The ALTAS IT partnership benefits us with non-standard solutions, the range of solutions available from ALTAS IT is wide, the solutions are secure and have a long service life. For customers who are concerned about security, for customers who have large facilities and are looking for non-standard solutions, we can find them at ALTAS IT."  
  • Certified for the following brands:

Ltd. "Euroelektronika"

  • Vytautas Zinkevičius: "Euroelektronika is a security systems integrator that has been operating on the Lithuanian market for three decades and is constantly innovating in this field. In partnership with ALTAS IT, we see an opportunity to offer our customers an even wider range of electronic security solutions to meet their specific needs."  
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Become an  ALTAS IT partner  today!
Let's build a new  stable long-term cooperation!