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Mihails Jevstignejevs: "I have been working with ALTAS IT for 11 years. I would like to note that it is an incredible pleasure to work with them. Any problems that arise are solved very professionally and quickly. Great team! Long life and prosperity!"

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Edgars Luks: "AE Lux is a company that combines life experience and proven values with new technologies and efficient solutions. These are the core values of AE Lux, which go hand in hand with the values of ALTAS IT, together creating efficient non-standard solutions with the latest technologies to provide clients with tailor-made solutions for projects of varying complexity."

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2K Services, SIA

Kristaps Kļaviņš: "At 2K Services SIA we offer innovative, high quality and reliable security system solutions to ensure a high quality of service. By joining the partner programme we are confident that with ALTAS IT support we will be able to provide higher added value to our customers."

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Enreach Latvia, SIA

Armands Meinarts: "For more than 4 years ALTAS IT Ltd. has been a reliable partner of Enreach Latvia, providing various video surveillance products and solutions. ALTAS IT has proven to be a reliable and professional partner, able to offer customised solutions for various security needs, and always providing detailed information and answers to all questions."

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Delta Phi, SIA

Kaspars Vicinskis: "We started working with ALTAS IT even before Delta Phi was founded. When I saw the opportunities that ALTAS IT offered financially and technologically, it was clear to me that combining it with my IT expertise could be a very successful collaboration. Thank you for what you have already done and I look forward to further success."

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Nords Andersons: "Opportunities do not arise in the same way, we, "ALTAS IT" Ltd. and "NCS LV" Ltd., have created them in order to successfully develop and create various, modern integrated project solutions that meet the needs and wishes of each client. Our common heart is to add value by combining our intellect and creativity to deliver the end product to the client, in projects of any complexity."

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G4S Latvia, SIA

Alexandrs Šnevels: "Over nearly 30 years of operation, the company has accumulated considerable experience, including international experience. Our global team of 800,000 professionals allows us to leverage global practices, best solutions, proven experience and balance our clients' needs with our existing capabilities to deliver a quality service to the highest standards in the security industry. By joining the ALTAS IT Partner Program, we are ready to bring new ideas to our customers and help companies grow together!" 


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Viesturs Kaģis: "RECK is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with ALTAS IT Ltd! This will allow RECK to expand its offer with modern and intelligent security, ITS and control systems. As a company that has been offering professional engineering solutions in energy, telecommunications, communications, intelligent urban systems, artificial intelligence security systems and other engineering systems that improve our daily lives for more than 20 years, it is important for RECK to cooperate with partners such as ALTAS IT. The cooperation will strengthen RECK's values as a professional engineering team and ensure a personal approach to each project and client. Together, as a team, we can deliver the best and the most suitable for our customers!"


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Fima, UAB

Director General Jonas Jablonskis: "FIMA is the leading smart infrastructure solutions company in the Baltic Sea region and has been involved in major public and private infrastructure modernisation projects for 30 years.

Through technological innovation, we offer solutions for ICT, security, automation, building infrastructure, transport and energy; we implement complex projects for urban infrastructure, transport, railways, energy and other sectors." 


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Visual Solutions, UAB

Director Daniel Šuškevič: "Since the range of services we offer is very wide, from installation of video surveillance technologies to employee interviews and system installation, we are pleased with our ongoing partnership with ALTAS IT, UAB, which helps us to find new technological solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers."


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Hansab, UAB

Sales and Marketing Director Tomas Toločka: "We only work with trusted manufacturers and suppliers to offer our customers a wide range of integrated solutions, including safety solutions. ALTAS IT, UAB is a reliable supplier in whom we have full confidence."


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EIT Sprendimai, UAB

Director Daiva Šmakovienė: "UAB EIT Sprendimai has been operating in the field of information and communication technologies in 5 Lithuanian cities for 20 years. The company offers integrated solutions for data centre infrastructure, data transmission, telecommunications, contact centres, security, video surveillance and control systems, as well as IT infrastructure management, security, maintenance and cloud services. We are one of the largest information systems and telecommunication companies in Lithuania, with long-lasting reliable relationships with global manufacturers, including close cooperation with ALTAS IT, UAB."


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Equinox Europe, UAB

Director Rasa Beskajevienė: "For 30 years we have been implementing market-leading warehouse management, yard management and automated warehouse equipment solutions, where we also integrate advanced products for surveillance and video recognition from our trusted partner ALTAS IT, UAB."


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