Dome cameras are perfect for monitoring indoor areas. They are particularly discreet and unobtrusive and are mainly mounted on the ceiling or on walls or building corners. Due to their design, they are very flexible to adjust to the area to be monitored.

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MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal Multisensor

With the 4 flexible image sensors you monitor large areas with the highest level of detail and only one camera installation.

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Modern and compact standard cameras that reliably transfer images of up to 5MP, even in total darkness, at a range of up to 40 m, thanks to its integrated IR LED spotlight.

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MOBOTIX MOVE Indoor Micro Dome

The compact Indoor Micro Dome camera doesn't have to hide, even though it can. Up to 5 megapixels, WDR and IR illumination capture details even in challenging lighting conditions and where the area is lit from behind, such as in entrances, hallways and stairwells.

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The two MOBOTIX MOVE 4K Vandal cameras boast comprehensive features, such as IR lighting and EverClear coating.

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MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal Multisensor Camera

4x the Power - Compact Design

Monitor large areas with the highest level of detail and only one camera installation.

  • 4 flexible image sensors (5 MP each)
  • Up to 8 TB SSD storage onboard
  • Integrated video analysis functions
  • Compact design
  • Diameter: 25.4 cm, height: 10.5 cm 

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Slim, compact and flexible!

Flexibly configure the viewing angles you want. Each of the four variable focal length lenses allows manual pan, tilt, rotate, and swivel movements. With built-in autofocus lenses, conveniently adjust focus settings remotely after installation. Installation requires only a network cable required.

Absolute overview in many application areas

10 integrated video analysis functions reliably detect:

  • License plates
  • Faces (access control)
  • Object count
  • Missing objects (removal)
  • Abandoned luggage
  • Loitering
  • Wrong direction
  • Stopping vehicles
  • Burglary/Intrusion
  • Camera sabotage

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Day And Night. Near And Far.

The MOBOTIX MOVE fixed dome cameras enable up to three simultaneous video streams of standard codec H.264, H.265 and/or M-JPEG. The camera also boasts a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels and performs with highest frame rates, even when WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) mode is switched on. This means that significant image details are always captured, even in poor light conditions. New with MOBOTIX MOVE: Our 5MP and 2MP VA models with free integrated video analysis tools.

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  • Weatherproof network cameras with H.264, H.265, ONVIF S/G/Q/T and WDR
  • A FullHD/2MP model with standard lens (VD-2-IR)
  • One 5MP and one 2MP model each with integrated video analysis tools (VD-5-IR-VA / VD-2-IR-VA)
  • Manual adjustment of the lens mount, Vario lens with Remote Zoom
  • Automatic day/night switching with infrared blocking filter
  • Integrated infrared lighting (LED, up to 40 m)
  • Recording on NAS or an internal SD card (not included)
  • Full integration with MOBOTIX MOVE NVR
  • IP66, IK10, ambient temperature range: Depending on model up to -55 to +60 °C 
  • In-ceiling set, replacement domes (clear/tinted), wall, pole and corner mounts optional

MOBOTIX MOVE 2MP/5MP Fixed Dome Cameras with integrated Video Analytics

With these new MOBOTIX MOVE cameras, advanced image processing algorithms for intelligent video analysis are now available directly via the camera firmware for the first time. Without additional licensing costs for the video analysis package currently consisting of 8 different application functions*, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can now be used even more efficiently in numerous different application areas.

*Object Counting, Intrusion, Object removal, Camera Sabotage, Abandoned object, Stopped Vehicle, Wrong direction, Loitering detection. Up to two video analysis tools can be activated simultaneously per camera. 

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Areas Of Application

Compact Security Camera with IP66 / IK10 rating

Installed on the ceiling, wall, in the corner of a room or on a pole, this modern and, due to its small size, also extremely discrete dome camera can be used in many different ways. It can monitor museum exhibits, the parking lot behind the company building, the offices of a bank or the many indoor and outdoor areas of a prison. With the VD-2-IR, a particularly cost-effective budget model variant with FullHD resolution (2MP) and integrated IR illumination is available.

IR Blocking Filter

Automatic Day/Night Switching

The camera switches from day to night mode automatically depending on light conditions. During the day a mechanically, electronically controlled IR blocking filter ensures realistic color images by filtering out the IR portion of the daylight. At night the camera switches to black and white images and the IR blocks are lifted in order to keep images usable, even in poor light of up to 0.01 lux.

State-Of-The-Art IR LED Technology

Turn Night Into Day

The state-of-the-art technology in the integrated IR LED spotlights ensures strong IR emission at the lowest power consumption. The camera’s uniform coverage, allows it to record every important detail at a distance of up to 30 m, even in total darkness.

Electronic Vario Lens

Remotely Adjustable Focal Length

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras with 4MP sensor have an electronic Vario lens that is adjustable remotely via the camera’s firmware and which focuses automatically when the focal length is changed. The viewing angle and field of view can be flexibly adjusted using the focal length. Depending on the model, the 4MP MOBOTIX MOVE VandalDome cameras can be switched on or changed to any horizontal viewing angle of 35° to 103° or 15° to 35° at any time. With the FullHD / 2MP VandalDome, the focal length can be changed purely manually (horizontal image angle from 34° to 91°).

WDR Function I

Wide Dynamic Range - Technology

The MOBOTIX MOVE cameras feature integrated, high-quality WDR image processing technology. This allows the cameras to automatically compensate for particularly strong differences in brightness in the recorded scene independently through differing exposure times, and thereby avoid generating over- or underexposed areas in images.

WDR Function II

Wide Dynamic Range - Advantages

Wide Dynamic Range shows more frame details for applications with highly demanding light conditions, such as in the entryways of buildings, in store display windows and at loading bays or drive-in entrances to parking lots etc. (Combination of very light and dark areas.)

MOBOTIX MOVE Indoor Micro Dome

Compact. Compressed. Cost Effective.

The compact MOBOTIX MOVE Indoor Micro Dome camera doesn't have to hide, even though it can. Up to 5 megapixels, WDR and IR illumination capture details even in challenging lighting conditions and where the area is lit from behind, such as in entrances, hallways and stairwells.

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  • 5 MP (2720 x 1976 px)
  • WDR 120 dB
  • H.265./H.264/MJPEG
  • Day/night function (IR cut)
  • IR LED (working range up to 15 m)
  • Motion detection
  • Tamper alert
  • Network failure detectionNetwork failure detection
  • Audio assistance (built-in microphone and speaker)
  • Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card (SD up to 1 TB)
  • Compatible with MOVE NVR, MOBOTIX HUB and MOBOTIX Cloud
  • Account & Sales management
  • No customization
  • No support


  • ✓ Compact and discreet (diameter: 105 mm)
  • ✓ The price is modest too
  • ✓ Superior image quality, day and night
  • ✓ The three-axis gimbal system makes it easy to secure the camera in the desired direction
  • ✓ 24/7 video surveillance (day/night and IR) 

Areas Of Application

Anywhere discretion is required

The MOBOTIX MOVE Micro Dome camera is unobtrusive and discreet. This makes it ideal for environments where larger cameras could put customers off, such as in restaurants, retail, hotels and spas. Cameras should be inconspicuous in educational institutions or public buildings too.

Automatic day/night switching

IR cut feature for the perfect view 24/7

The camera automatically switches from day to night mode depending on the ambient light conditions. During the day, IR blocking filters provide color images. At night, the camera switches to black-and-white images and the IR blocking filter is removed to ensure that images are still usable even when there is little light (down to 0.04 lux). Thanks to the built-in IR LED emitters, the camera can capture all important details at a distance of up to 15 m, even in the dark.

Lightening from behind is offset

WDR technology

Thanks to the integrated WDR technology, the camera automatically balances significant differences in brightness through different exposure times, preventing areas from being underexposed or overexposed. This is useful at entrance areas to buildings or parking lots, where very bright and dark areas meet.


​Fixed bullet and fixed dome cameras with integrated video analysis

The two MOBOTIX MOVE 4K Vandal cameras boast comprehensive features, such as IR lighting and EverClear coating. The centrally managed cameras with ten fixed integrated basic video analysis tools are the attractively priced entry-level solution for smaller and simple systems. They also supplement larger and complex projects on a point-by-point basis. 

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  • Two 4K (8MP) models — MOVE VandalBullet camera and MOVE VandalDome camera
  • Weatherproof network cameras with H.264, H.265, ONVIF S/G/T and WDR 
  • MOBOTIX EverClear coating technology
  • Customized MOBOTIX user interface
  • Automatic day/night switching with IR blocking filter
  • IR LED (working distance up to 40 m depending on the reflection of the environment)
  • Ten integrated MOBOTIX MOVE video analysis functions Includes basic face detection and basic license plate recognition
  • Weatherproof (IP66) and vandal-proof design (IK10)


The MOBOTIX MOVE 4K VandalDome—in a classic dome design—extends the MOBOTIX MOVE portfolio in the ultra-HD range. With the ten pre-integrated video analysis tools and the vandal-proof dome, the MOBOTIX MOVE dome camera is super versatile and also works reliably in public areas. Thanks to the new groundbreaking MOBOTIX EverClear coating, it even boasts optimal visibility in the rain.

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