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Leading manufacturer of contactless security technology, providing the highest quality solutions validated by several independent certified organisations. With the industry constantly evolving, products are modular and customisable to make any updates and add additional features. All this saves time AND costs.


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The European leader in contactless identification

STid is the first RFID manufacturer to receive French CSPN certification. Their solutions are built on strong accredited authentication methods for data protection, giving an unprecedented level of security.

As France’s leading specialist in contactless identification, STid has developed a wide range of access control solutions that combine High Security and simple integration. We work with businesses, industries and governments worldwide to protect their sensitive data, goods, teams and assets.

STid manufactures readers, tags, antennas and software, all developed using contactless identification solutions RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® Smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our understanding of manufacturing processes and specialized know-how in cryptography has made us experts in designing high security solutions.

STid are experts in:

Vehicle identification

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) for parking lot and fleet management applications.

People identification

High Security physical and logical access control.

Protecting people, property and data through secure identification and access control

STid's range of access control solutions and services provide comprehensive contactless identification solutions with readers and traditional or virtualised credentials, transforming the customer environment into a single security zone.

With its solutions, STid helps businesses, governments and industries around the world to easily and securely manage their digital identities by developing smart identification solutions based on the most advanced RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and IoT technologies.

1. Card data protection

  • Threats: copies, modifications
  • Countermeasures: secure encryption, algorithms in public key cryptography EAL5 + chips

2. Protecting communication between the card and the reader

  • Threats: recording, interception, playback
  • Countermeasures: authentication and encryption

3. Reader protection against physical threats

  • Threats: replacement of key data, retrieval
  • Countermeasures: secure parameter loading and storage, self-protection

4. Protection of communication with the system

  • Threats: eavesdropping, interception playback
  • Countermeasures: authentication and encryption

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Access control for the highest level of security

When storing sensitive data and increasing business mobility, it is important to implement advanced security solutions to identify and protect data.

When choosing a card/reader solution, it is important that simple basic requirements are defined:

  • prevent a third party from copying your access cards;
  • not depend on a third party to create access cards;
  • help prevent credentials from being replaced or imitated.

To meet the specific needs of critical industries, STid also provides a range of high security access control readers compliant with European Directives (99/92/EC and 94/9/EC) and ATEX (EN60079) and IECEx certified.


Did you know?
STid is the first RFID manufacturer to be recognised as highly secure and certified by multi-country security organisations (CSPN Level 1 Security Certificate) and to be GDPR compliant. The brand is known for the high level of security of its products, which are OSDP and SSCP compliant.

Main STid product groups:

STid Architect readers: the most awarded series of access control readers worldwide

With its innovative range of Architect readers, STid has created the perfect combination of high security and innovation. This is the first modular range of secure RFID, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth readers that offers both flexibility and simplicity.

Architect readers are based on an intelligent RFID core (Bluetooth optional) to which a variety of interchangeable modules are added: card reader, keypad, touch screen, biometric fingerprint sensor, 1D and 2D code reader (QR code) and 125 kHz reader to ease your technology migrations.

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The Architect series can be tailored to your needs, offering the optimal solution for any situation and ensuring that features and security levels can be improved for all readers.


Patented anti-counterfeiting protection protects sensitive data and has the ability to erase authentication keys. Unlike solutions on the market, accelerometer-based technology is more reliable.


Architect readers are designed to withstand harsh environments, operate outdoors (IP65 level) and with high impact resistance (IK10).


STid offers a range of customisation options to adapt the reader to the corporate identity and fully integrate it into the facility environment.

STid Architect QR code: manage visitor and customer access easily

Architect Blue's multi-technology RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Reader is combined with a QR code module to simplify access (employee/visitor) management for all your offices, car parks or any building.

With Architect there is no need to add more access control systems to welcome customers or visitors. The QR code module integrates perfectly into the existing STid Reader to make installation simple and aesthetically pleasing. Available in white and black to blend in with your business design.


Unique access point for physical (MIFARE DESFire EV2 and EV3), virtual or QR code credentials (Data Matrix, Code 128/Aztec).


High reading performance: fast reading in all conditions (indoor/outdoor, sunlight and darkness).


Compatible with smartphones or smartwatches with the STid Mobile ID app.


High power: IP65 level, Vandal-proof & IK08 certified.

​STid SPECTRE: a stress-free access solution for parking barriers

No more queues or congestion at peak times. SPECTRE UHF brings both speed and safety to your parking barriers, improving your everyday experience.

Connect up to 4 antennas with just 1 SPECTRE Reader to solve your toughest safety problems and recognise different vehicles. Control access to 4 separate vehicle lanes simply and easily.

Intuitively easy to use. By design it is discrete, configuration flexible, secure and encrypted for communication. Improved speed and safety in one solution!

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Smooth and reliable identification: market-leading read rates (up to 14 m) and fast identification.


Robust design (IK10, IP66 certified).


Fully adjustable - 1 reader to manage up to 4 vehicle bands with 4 antennas connected.


Integration with all access control systems and interfaces

+ multiprotocol (Wiegand, OSDP).

STid Mobile ID: a mobile and instinctive access control solution

The STid Mobile ID application replaces your access cards on Android and iOS smartphones, allowing you to add or replace traditional cards by digitising all access cards in a unique mobile application. 

The system manages physical access for employees, visitor reception, parking access. The smartphone, simply by switching on and even during phone calls, becomes a means of identification, offering 6 instinctive identification modes (placing your hand or smartphone in front of the reader, touching the smartphone, using Apple Watch). Access to buildings is controlled according to the user's profile, with the possibility to grant, update or revoke thousands of accesses with a single click.

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STid certifies seamless end-to-end security between the credentials and the reader, and between the reader and the controller/local processor and the systems.


One virtual card is 2 to 5 times cheaper than a physical card.


The STid Mobile ID application is free: the virtual card is ready for immediate use upon successful download. 


Virtual maps can be easily personalised online using your corporate identity (logo, layout, colors, etc.).

Intelligent solutions for tool and weapon inventory 


Automated tool tracking and management solution for manufacturers. It is a hardware and software solution designed to enable and simplify the management of tools and equipment in industrial environments (manufacturing plants and shops, maritime, automation, etc.).

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Digital armament management solution for police forces. It is a hardware and software solution specifically designed to enable and simplify the management of armouries for all police forces (municipal police, national police, special forces, etc.).

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Your benefits

Rectification of inventory discrepancies (shortages, etc.)

Everything is easy to manage and human error is avoided

100% compliance with all applicable rules

Saving resources and avoiding the loss of important documents

50% increase in the speed of the pick-up/return operation

STid. Lock Down Peace of Mind.

High Security access

With sensitive data on the move and increased mobility in business, implementing advanced security solutions for identification and data protection has become essential.

Hands-free access

Hands-free solutions offer smooth access that complies with usage constraints: identification of drivers without needing to open windows, identification of operators whose hands are full, compliance with hygiene rules in hospital environments, etc.

Vehicle access

Can you ensure the overall security of your facilities? Yes, starting with the parking lot access!

As the first point of entry to your facilities, the protection of a site includes effective and secure access control for vehicles and/or their drivers.

ATEX environments

We offer a full range of certified RFID readers that meet the two watchwords of the industry - safety and reliability. Our solutions comply with all industry-related international standards: ATEX (EN60079) & IECEx certifications and European Directives (99/92/EC and 94/9/EC).

Migration management

Businesses operate in an increasingly mobile environment with the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

STid supports your technological migration process with interoperable solutions that comply with ANSSI recommendations.

Our solutions ensure that you maintain independence and autonomy in managing the security of your business.

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