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Synergis access control system

Aging physical security systems are not just costly to maintain, but they also weaken your security. Lack of modern capabilities or access to newer door control technology, and emerging cybersecurity vulnerabilities put you at a clear disadvantage.


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Is your access control slowing you down?

Synergis™ IP access control offers a modern approach. As a truly open system, it connects to a large and growing selection of third-party access control devices. Seamlessly unified with video and other security systems, it delivers operational and security insights about your secured areas leading to more informed decisions and improved operations.


Secure access and optimize operations

Synergis provides a modern and innovative access control solution that addresses your business needs. It expands your reach with security and visibility to areas never thought possible. Using a unified approach, Synergis empowers operators with timely and holistic information to act as needed. It also provides a clear and easy path to migration, from an outdated system to a modern and innovative one.

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Why Synergis?


Benefit from a solution that scales with your organization. With Synergis, you can manage access for facilities across the globe efficiently to ensure the seamless flow of people.

A trusted solution

Join a long list of world-wide organizations, both large and small, that have entrusted us with their security and operational needs.


Confidently move part or all of your access control to the cloud at your own pace with our hybrid and secure architecture.

Truly unified

Unify access control with the rest of your security system and achieve operational efficiencies and a holistic view of your environment.


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