Digifort VMS

Intelligent video monitoring software utilizing the highest levels of available technology and providing best performance to suit any requirement.

Cost-effective integrated security solutions refer to a comprehensive approach to security that combines various technologies, processes, and measures to protect an organization's assets while being mindful of budget constraints. These solutions aim to provide a layered defense against potential threats, ensuring that different aspects of security work together seamlessly.

The term "cost-effective" underscores the importance of balancing security requirements with budget constraints. Organizations must prioritize the most critical aspects of their security needs and invest in solutions that offer the best protection for the available resources. This often involves a careful analysis of risks, potential threats, and the most appropriate technologies and practices to address them efficiently.

Sold in over 130 countries

Over 28,000 customers worldwide

Monitoring more than 1000 cities

Over 3.5 million licenses sold

Translated into 19 languages

Direct integration with over 400 brand partners

Available solutions


Complete IP video management platform with advanced alarm management, events, occurrences and automation of environments through a single system, reliable, intuitive with easy configuration and operation.

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Automated license plate reader solution fully integrated with our video management system, automation alerts, alarms and pre-configured actions, statistical graphs and integration with third party systems.

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Capture, remote control and recording of Windows based computer screens. Ideal for Call Centers, Headless Server Controls and third party software management.

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Live Applied intelligence without video monitoring, providing proactive actions for programmed behavioral situations with automatic event and alarm generation in addition to valuable statistical information for business intelligence application.

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Turn your smartphone or tablet (Android / IOs) into a mobile camera natively integrated into the video management system, allowing real-time streaming of images directly to a monitoring center.

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Highly innovative and technological solution for reviewing movie hours recorded at a few moments that provide a summary of all non-playing events, allowing you to quickly find a desired event through color filters, object size, speed, direction and others.

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Which industries can use Digifort VMS?

Public security

Capture and record evidence of criminal activity in public areas, create a safe environment for citizens, deter antisocial behavior, monitor and ensure public asset security.


Create a safe learning environment, monitor and prevent damaging activities such as use of narcotics or bullying practices, detecting irregular visitors, protecting and preventing property damage from schools and university campuses.


Monitor traffic flow, monitor intruders, deter and investigate criminal activity, enforce traffic laws, facilitate decisions to be taken when investigating accidents or emergencies.

Commerce and Services

Detect and monitor intrusion activities, prevent access to sensitive areas, protect valuable property, resources and information, monitor car parking, detect and prevent theft.

Critical infrastructure sites

Prevent accidents and disasters, ensure the security of facilities and employees, monitor the operation of critical assets and controlling stations, enable analysis and auditing quickly and effectively.

What is important to know about VMS?

A more intuitive and user-friendly interface

Meeting user requirements for complex VMS solutions. When thinking about a video management system for a company, there are a number of things that the responsible person/owner should consider. Focus on the people who actually use the system every day. So it has to be intuitive. This means that you work according to your own logic and steps of how it should be done and the system works in the same way, it is 'intuitive'. Whatever functions you have access to, you should be able to do it with a small number of clicks.

Can be made video analysis smarter

As a machine with deep learning can make video analysis smarter.

Traditional analysis relies on both hardware and intelligent video analysis software. These systems typically consist of information gathering modules (e.g. sensors, cameras, license plate readers, etc.), information analytics servers that serve, process and distribute useful information or alerts to security personnel.

Video analysis based on a standard computer vision cannot reach its full potential

The demand for higher precision has become ever greater, even in complex technologies. The new Deep Learning technique has transformed the technique used previously and has now driven huge advances in any kind of analytics on the market. It is important to remember that a video analytics system should not be considered as a stand-alone system, but as part of a more complex management architecture.

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