Cloud Going Mainstream In Video Surveillance

Cloud is going mainstream in video surveillance. Based on IPVM's research and reporting, here are key changes driving this. Just in the last few months:

This builds on:

In IPVM's 16 years of analyzing the market, including with the shift from analog to megaipxel / IP cameras, such broad support is key to moving to the next generation.

With a critical mass of incumbents and major players [show logos of Genetec, Axis, Axon, Hanwha, Avigilon, Motorola] adopting cloud, buyers now have many options, including from existing suppliers to go to cloud, and large sellers will now heavily market cloud, as they have their own offerings.

IPVM believes that in the next decade, this will result in the dominance of mega cloud providers

With far better video analytics, power to solve crimes, firmware / device management, and embedded support. But also with growing privacy concerns and risks of reduced competition and greater lock-in.

Follow IPVM's latest research and reporting to understand what is causing this and where the market is going.

Source: IPVM, Published Apr 23, 2024

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