Offer for attendees the product demonstration at airport Jurmala

Thank you for attending the Digifort, Navtech Radar and Silent Sentinel product demonstration at airport Jurmala.

In order to promote further successful long-term cooperation and to improve the security situation in your infrastructure, we are making a one-off offer for this event only.

When choosing one or more security solutions for monitoring your perimeter, you can take advantage of the following offers from ALTAS IT partners:

By choosing Digifort Global's product Video Management System (VMS), you will get a 30-day DEMO option for the user's infrastructure.

By choosing NAVTECH RADAR product, you will get a FREE website development and training.

By choosing Silent Sentinel product, you will get 2 days of on-site consulting by an expert engineer (value EUR 1100/day). In addition - FREE project planning.

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