Sucessful product demonstration at Airport Jurmala and special offer for it attendees!

On 9 April this year, Digifort, Navtech Radar and Silent Sentinel products were demonstrated in real-life conditions at Jūrmala Airport, Tukums Municipality. More than 60 participants from various public and private sector organisations attended the event.

The event showcased unique products from the world's leading security technology manufacturers that have no analogues in their field - a video management system from Digifort, AdvancedGuard - a large-scale surveillance solution from Navtech Radar, and modular surveillance camera platforms for land and maritime surveillance from Silent Sentinel.

About Digifort Global's product - Video Management System (VMS)

  1. Digifort's Video Management System (VMS) is suitable for companies that have extensive video surveillance and want a proactive response that is faster and more efficient.
  2. Manage multiple events and automate workflows with intelligent integration and value-added software services on a single platform.
  3. A convenient and easy-to-understand single platform - bringing together the manufacturers of CCTV cameras on the market to facilitate video management with ergonomic tools. Faster archive processing that improves video content review, reduces costs, optimises server resource needs and provides extensive analytics capabilities.

Digifort offers:

 Full system design and communication with Digifort and ALTAS IT's brightest minds to help you expand your system.

 Free certification training: personalised training in key areas.

 Help with PoC: joint presentation, valuable marketing materials and round-the-clock technical support.

About Navtech Radar Product - AdvancedGuard

  1. AdvanceGuard is an innovative wide area surveillance solution that provides automatic continuous monitoring both inside and outside the perimeter.
  2. With a 360º field of view, it detects and tracks an unlimited number of targets. By building situational algorithms, the software provides complete 24/7 management, ignoring "business as usual" behaviour but pinpointing the exact location of targets - sending alerts when a real threat arises.
  3. Radar image acquisition range: up to 1 km (HDR200 Series), up to 3 km (HDR300 Series), up to 5 km (HDR351 Radar), high accuracy for small areas (HDR100 Series).
  4. The Navtech solution uses high-resolution sensors and intelligent behavioural analysis, so that the system autonomously learns to recognise objects/subjects by their characteristics and behaviour. This contributes to more effective perimeter surveillance and eliminates the need for constant data updates.

Radar is used in critical infrastructure, security-critical applications:

About the Silent Sentinel product

Silent Sentinel is a UK manufacturer of advanced and highly modular surveillance camera platforms for land and maritime surveillance applications. It designs, manufactures and supplies advanced, market-leading security systems for the homeland security market.

The manufacturer's platforms are designed to be customisable and use the latest electro-optical (EO) sensors. Silent Sentinel are specialists in both cooled and uncooled, long-range thermal imaging camera platforms.

SILENT SENTINEL Silent Sentinel understands the changing requirements of the perimeter security market and these are some of the solutions available:


Can detect people up to 24.17 km and vehicles up to 31.17 km.


Detects people up to 9,3 km and vehicles up to 28,7 km.


Capable of delivering 154 dB of sound pressure for clear, directed and intelligible speech up to 2 km away.

The multi-sensor platform uses complementary technologies with a single rotating device:

  • Highly robust camera platforms designed to meet the harsh and challenging environmental conditions associated with the industry;
  • Modular design to facilitate continuous operation;
  • Vehicle-mounted camera platforms;
  • Long-range thermal and visibility sensors;
  • Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) capabilities;
  • Solutions with high-precision positioning capabilities;
  • Absolute positioning feedback to assist third party C2 integration.

If you are interested in any of the above products, please contact one of the ALTAS IT Project Managers - we will arrange a meeting, a consultation, a tailor-made project or a demonstration on your infrastructure.*

*Product demonstration on client's infrastructure is possible if agreed with all parties involved and arranged in advance. 

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