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Your security system can tell you a lot about your operations. We help you make the most of it.

Physical security systems are critical for day-to-day operations. Access control allows us to go where we need to be. Video surveillance analyzes what’s happening to ensure we're safe. Automatic license plate recognition guides us to available parking. Intercoms allow us to contact staff when we need assistance.

Our portfolio of solutions for operations and intelligence helps you stay on top of a constant stream of events and data. It ensures that your operations run smoothly, and that security does not get in the way of business. It unlocks new insights into the flow of people, vehicles, and activities to help you improve the everyday.

Genetec access control system

Unlock the insights hidden in your security data

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GENETEC mission control

Guide and automate response

Mission Control

Genetec Mission Control™ is a collaborative decision management system that helps you understand events. It analyzes security data to identify incidents that require attention, reducing false alarms along the way. It then guides operators and automates responses to achieve faster resolution, so your activities are not affected.

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GENETEC Clearance

​Digitize your evidence management


Genetec Clearance™ is a digital evidence management system that supports you through every step of the evidence management process. You will be able to identify sources of evidence, request files, review footage, collaborate with stakeholders in and out your organization, and securely store various types of digital files – all from one centralized application. 

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Manage physical identity and access


Genetec ClearID™ is a self-service smarter physical access management system that automates access rights management while enforcing your security policies. This improves the overall flow of people within your organization. And because it’s unified with Security Center Synergis™, our access control system, this out of the box, cloud-based solution is quickly and easily deployed.

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Genetec Citigraf

Enhance public safety


Genetec Citigraf™ is a strategic decision support system that empowers public safety teams to efficiently keep their communities safe. Citigraf™ combines data sources from multiple siloed agencies, from video monitoring to record management systems, into a single platform. Public safety teams benefit from enhanced situational awareness of events taking place within their city to strategically and efficiently coordinate emergency responses.

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Start your journey with our unified security solutions

The first step to greater efficiency is breaking down silos between your security systems. Our portfolio of unified security solutions centralizes monitoring, alarm management, and reporting in a single interface.

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