Hanwha Vision Wisenet Q mini CCTV cameras

Hanwha Q mini series CCTV cameras are extremely compact and will fit into any environment, providing all the features you need. Suitable for retailers, offices, banks and other projects, their aesthetic appearance and performance will make them invisible.

Ultra-compact design that fits anywhere

Wisenet Q mini cameras are packed with features designed to ensure that users get the most out of their video surveillance solutions. With a width of just 99mm, the cameras are ultra-compact and around 40% smaller than previous cameras in the series. Thanks to this feature, they fit perfectly into any environment, while facilitating installation in any location.

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Ultra-compact design that fits anywhere

Dome-type cameras

The new H.265 mini domes deliver real-life practical benefits to a wide range of end-users and in particular, retailers who require aesthetically attractive cameras to be installed on walls and ceilings in what could be confined spaces.

License-free people counting analytics, as well as defocus, motion and tampering detection are built into all four new models as standard, whilst a new open platform chipset also provides the opportunity for third-party applications to run onboard the domes.

Fisheye cameras

Both the QNF-8010 and QNF-9010 are ideal for small to medium-sized applications where aesthetics are important, such as banking, offices and retail. The cameras offer four display modes including Single Fisheye, Single Panorama, Double Panorama and Quad View mode, whilst built-in people counting and heatmap offers retailers the opportunity to monitor store efficiency in terms of the relationship of footfall data with actual sales.

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Business intelligence for smarter retail

People counting

Q mini cameras have a business intelligence function that offers retailers the opportunity to measure store efficiency. People counting applications display hotspots within a store, which allow marketing personnel to identify the busiest times of the day, helping them manage customer flow and understand buying patterns.

Business intelligence for smarter retail, Hanwha Vision, Wisenet Q mini
HDMI live video output for public view monitor, Hanwha Vision, Wisenet Q mini

HDMI live video output for public view monitor

Many retail stores operate public view monitors for safety and convenience of customers and store managers. Q mini cameras support HDMI video output for easy connection with public view monitors.

* Only for QND-8011/8021

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Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas

In a vertical shaped environment, traditional horizontal shaped videos focus on unnecessary edges of the area causing bandwidth and storage waste. The Hallway view creates 3 : 4 and 9 : 16 ratio image which is vertically oriented and maximizes image quality in a narrow environment. 

Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas, Hanwha Vision, Wisenet Q mini
 Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStreamⅡ, Hanwha Vision, Wisenet Q mini

Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStreamⅡ

Using WiseStreamⅡ, Hanwha Vision’s original video compression technology, Q mini camera reduces data by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology, when combined with H.265compression. System costs are also greatly reduced without comprising image quality. Q mini cameras address a limitation found in conventional WDR cameras while producing clear and vivid images. 

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