Hanwha Vision Wisenet X CCTV cameras

Hanwha Wisenet X Series CCTV cameras are equipped with a variety of new, exclusive video and audio analytics tools that provide advanced monitoring solutions and the market intelligence you need.


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X series

X series network cameras feature Hanwha Vision’s proprietary Wisenet 7 chipset with features such as 4K resolution, eXtreme WDR, and 100% lens distortion correction. 

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Feature Highlights

Lens Distortion Correction

Lens distortion correction technology produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses. 

Extreme WDR

Hanwha Vision’s improved multi-frame WDR technology lets you take full advantage of image contrast to see detailed objects clearly even in environments with strong backlight conditions.

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End-to-end Cybersecurity

Hanwha Vision’s cybersecurity policy embeds unique certificates into all products during each step of the development and manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation. 

Vivid 4K resolution

Hanwha Vision’s F1.2 varifocal lens is implemented into the Wisenet 7 4K camera lineup, allowing the most light into the camera’s sensor and producing clear and vivid images.

Excellent resolution

The existing WDR image is captured by creating 2 frames with different exposures. The Wisenet X Series with 150 dB WDR uses 4 frames to create a more natural image. Motion blur is a major drawback of current WDR, but this new technology eliminates all motion, providing clear and bright images.

* Wisenet X Series 5M cameras support 120 dB

Simple camera
Actual footage from a Wisenet X-Series camera

See the "invisible" 

Thanks to the powerful new chip used in the Wisenet X-Series and Hanwha Vision's outstanding lens technology, images can be viewed in low light, including colour without IR LEDs. Now you can capture vivid images whatever the environment or time of day.

Simple camera
Actual footage from a Wisenet X-Series camera

Capture every moment 

The technology used in existing cameras has been enhanced with a gyro sensor for more precise stabilisation. Stabilisation kicks in the moment the camera is disturbed by wind or other vibrations.

* Supports XNB-8000/6000

Simple camera
Actual footage from a Wisenet X-Series camera

Improved image compression function

Using Hanwha Vision's WiseStream II video compression technology, the Wisenet X-Series reduces data volume by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology when combined with H.265 compression. System costs are also significantly reduced without compromising image quality.

WiseStream II off
WiseStream II on

Wisenet X Series can connect cameras and mobile devices via USB and Wi-Fi

Viewing angles can be checked immediately after installation using a smartphone. No additional devices are required. You can save time and money. 

Connection of two SD slots

Two SD slots allow you to automatically store up to 512 GB in the camera, keeping your data safe in case of network instability. Obviously, this allows you to record more video footage than a single SD slot. 

Lens distortion can appear in videos when straight lines near the edge of the image are curved outwards

Image imperfections can be easily corrected using the lens distortion correction technology available in the Wisenet X Series.

Simple cameras
Wisenet X series cameras

Wisenet X-Series delivers outstanding image quality in foggy conditions with fog detection

Any changes to the image are automatically saved using the defog function to ensure a clear image.

Fog detection
Fog prevention activated

Motion detection

The motion detection function allows the PTZ camera* to receive an alarm signal from a Wisenet X-Series camera in the same IP CCTV system.

* After receiving the notification, the PTZ camera will zoom to the preset location assigned to the camera.

Motion detection
PTZ zoom option when motion is detected








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