MOBOTIX c71 Hemispheric camera

Discreet in appearance. Impressive in performance

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Experience compact and versatile hemispherical camera technology! The MOBOTIX c71 sees everything all the time. With its 360° optics, it provides an all-round view of every interior, even in the dark, thanks to IR illumination. 4K UHD and WDR ensure brilliant image quality and impressive details. The integrated audio function ensures direct communication.

  • Discreet 360° all-round view (fisheye)
  • IR illumination
  • 4K UHD sensor with WDR function
  • Day/night switchover
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Built-in audio function for direct communication


360° all-round view

One camera — see everything

The compact c71 provides a 360° all-round view without any blind spots in a single camera. Hemispheric dewarping takes place directly inside the camera. This improves image quality while reducing bandwidth requirements. Whether mounted on the wall or ceiling — the c71 saves resources and delivers the best all-round results. 

4K UHD image sensor

Everything you need for brilliant picture quality

The c71 4K UHD image sensor is equipped with a moving IR blocking filter, making the c71 the first hemispheric MOBOTIX indoor camera with automatic day/night switchover. With 4K UHD and WDR, it provides the best picture quality around the clock.

  • 4K UHD day/night color sensors
  • Maximum image resolution: 4K, 2144 x 2144 (hemispheric)
  • Max. frame rate: 30fps@4k (H.264/H.265)
  • WDR: 120 dB 

Convenient image display

Capturing the whole picture

This feature allows the complete 360° fisheye view of the c71 to be displayed in a convenient way. Choose between normal, panoramic or quad view with four images on one screen, where you can zoom or adjust each frame separately to get the best overview.

All-round solid performance

​​Sturdy and powerful on all counts

The c71 has an 8 GB microSD memory card as standard, as well as an audio module with microphone and speaker. It is also compatible with H.264, H.265 and ONVIF. The discreet camera with its robust aluminum housing (IP20, -10 to 50°C) and shock-protected(IK06). Its impressive MTBF (mean time between failures) of over 9 years shows just how stable the c71 really is.

PoE 3 - Save energy and conserve resources

With the MOBOTIX 7 c71, p71, and v71 video systems, you can save costs, conserve resources and protect the environment. Primarily designed for indoor use, the MOBOTIX 7 video systems operates particularly for energy-saving. "Depending on the application, in many cases, the maximum illumination level or peripherals connected via USB are not required. By adapting to the current conditions, the power consumption corresponds to the max. 12.95 watts and thus to PoE class 3. 

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