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An all-rounder — this applies both to the striking design of the MOBOTIX p71 and to its great performance, which impresses due to the device's flexibility and wide range of applications. The lens can be precisely set along three axes to cater to the detection range in the room. The p71 is mainly used indoors and, with its integrated audio function and infrared LEDs, provides reliable surveillance day and night. The versatile MOBOTIX 7 video analysis apps make the small p71 pack quite a big punch.

  • Flexible and convenient: Can be manually adjusted along three axes
  • Range of lenses with a viewing angle of between 15° and 120°
  • Automatic day/night switching
  • Integrated IR illumination up to 30 m
  • Built-in audio function for direct communication
  • Open to enable intelligent video analysis with camera apps
  • Made in Germany for optimum cybersecurity 

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Outstandingly Oriented

Sensor module can be moved manually on three axes

You can precisely set up the compact p71 on local conditions via three manually adjustable axes (right-left rotation, pan-tilt rotation and image rotation). While these mechanisms are used for the basic orientation of the system, you can use manual rotation to handle special requirements. This lets you manually change the image format from 16:9 widescreen to 9:16 portrait for use in a long corridor, allowing for optimal surveillance due to better coverage of the surveillance area. 

Superior Image Quality, Day and Night

Extensive range of lenses 

The compact p71 can be fitted with all optical 4K and 4MP day/night lenses with a viewing angle of 15° to 120°. The wide range of lenses, including the light-sensitive Ultra Low Light sensors, ensure brilliant image quality. The integrated IR lighting can be customized to the wide, standard or tele lenses to ensure optimal lighting and superior image quality at all times. 

Ball instead of Dome

Compact and Precise 

The striking p71 is a single lens camera with a robust aluminum housing. It features no dome, which eliminates reflections and guarantees the best visibility. The lens is housed in a thermoplastic ball. The p71 can cover a wide range of applications. It is mainly used inside (IP 20, IK06, -10° to 50°C) in shops, public buildings, hotels and schools. Thanks to the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of more than nine years, the video system is low-maintenance and saves you money. 

Compact and Powerful 

High-performing throughout the whole line

The p71 has an 8-GB MicroSD memory card as standard. Thanks to its integrated audio module with microphone and speaker, it can be used for direct communication with people on-site (for example, through direct communication or via automated announcements). It goes without saying that the p71 meets the typical H.264 and H.265 standards and is ONVIF G, S and T compatible. 

PoE 3 - Save energy and conserve resources

With the MOBOTIX 7 c71, p71, and v71 video systems, you can save costs, conserve resources and protect the environment. Primarily designed for indoor use, the MOBOTIX 7 video systems operates particularly for energy-saving. "Depending on the application, in many cases, the maximum illumination level or peripherals connected via USB are not required. By adapting to the current conditions, the power consumption corresponds to the max. 12.95 watts and thus to PoE class 3. 

The Open MOBOTIX 7 Platform 

A Constant Stream of New, Intelligent Software on the MOBOTIX 7 Platform

The MOBOTIX7 platform combines the p71 video system with the intelligent software of video analysis tools. MOBOTIX Certified Apps cover a comprehensive range of requirements, such as license plate recognition. Numerous applications are based on deep learning processes and use artificial intelligence.

Effective and Budget-Friendly

Example Scenarios

  • Retail: Theft protection and cash register surveillance with discrete camera, connection to the cash register system possible
  • Retail, public buildings, railway stations: object recognition and people counting
  • Hotels and public buildings: surveillance of corridors (e.g. unattended baggage)
  • Hospitals: documentation and control of access to restricted areas (e.g. medicine storage facility, operating theater)
  • Protecting perimeters: targeted protection of facades

Utilities, Energy & Mining

Reliable Protection of Sensitive Areas

Infrastructures for generating and supplying energy are taking over key supply functions. Smooth operation is essential. Whether in mining, offshore on the high seas or in CHP plants, conditions are harsh and occupational safety is the focus here. The cameras must work reliably and withstand any wind and weather. The robust MOBOTIX 7 generation platform with versatile app solutions offer tailor-made solutions for this purpose, such as protection against intruders and asset management.

Industry and Production

Security and Process Optimization

Intelligent video surveillance systems provide protection against intruders and help prevent fires, reducing damage and financial losses. MOBOTIX systems also increase your ROI by reducing overall material costs and installation time. For example, one S74 camera can replace several conventional cameras, reducing storage, bandwidth and port count. Using analytic apps in process monitoring makes it possible to increase optimization that can improve procedures and increase production.


Focus on Safety — Efficient, Durable, Cybersecure 

Local government, municipal buildings and public sector will always require increased levels of protection with even greater cyber security. MOBOTIX systems and the analytic apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform, can detect left baggage or suspicious persons. As a flexible system, the S74 will monitor several areas at the same time, which increases the coverage while reducing budget spend. Even more importantly, intelligent video technology can be used to monitor, secure and control processes in health and safety applications.

Traffic and Transport

Analyzing Traffic, Controlling Flows, Avoiding Disruption

In an age of smart cities, traffic management must be effective, sustainable and intelligent The MOBOTIX 7 platform with AI-based apps enable vehicles, license plates and driving behavior to be recognized, analyzed and reported. For example, the S74 and its apps can monitor traffic in both directions with just one camera. Access control (entrance and exit) to parking lots or parking spaces can also be controlled using a single camera system.


Not only preventing theft, but actively promoting sales

Theft prevention is the biggest challenge of any retail environment , MOBOTIX video systems can do much more: The intelligent analytic apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform can be used to analyze buyer behavior and customer information. Preemptive and reactive product placement with adjustments to the product range can increase revenues. Particularly in the retail sector, MOBOTIX systems are effective in helping outlets with Health and Safety concerns at these times. (e.g. mask detection, person counting, social distancing).


Ease the Workload of Nursing Staff and Protect People

Care is constantly changing and shortages of skilled workers are all too familiar. The effective use of intelligent video technology can offer added resources. For example, the cameras of the MOBOTIX 7 series and the analytic apps can detect if a patient falls to the ground and does not get up again. Entering and exiting (mask detection) or accessing clean rooms (access control) can likewise be managed effectively.


Safety That Sets a Precedent

MOBOTIX technology can play an important role in keeping the learning and research environment disruption-free. Pupils and students are the future of our society, which is why standards are particularly high. Unwanted external intruders (perimeter protection and access control) must be stopped, and internal violence and vandalism must be prevented. The camera systems from MOBOTIX are maintenance-free and have an extremely long service life. What's more, several rooms can be monitored with just one S74, which takes the pressure off budgets and conserves the resources of teachers and lecturers.

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