MOBOTX outdoor camera D71 Dome

Compact dome. Limitless potential!

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Discreet appearance and abundant in options: This is the MOBOTIX D71 Fix-Dome. The compact single-lens camera is protected by a weather-resistant, impact-resistant dome. Three manually adjustable axes allow you to perfectly orient the configurable optics. The intelligent video analysis apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform mean that the D71 is now infinitely flexible. Everything is possible. Everything can be done under the D71 Dome!

  • Finely crafted and convenient: can be manually adjusted on three axes
  • Flexible thanks to a range of lenses with a viewing angle of between 15° and 95°
  • Automatic day/night switching 
  • Robust with weather-resistant aluminum housing for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Audio function for direct communication
  • Open to enable intelligent video analysis with camera apps
  • Made in Germany for optimum cybersecurity


Outstandingly Oriented

Sensor module can be moved manually on three axes

As a fix-dome camera, the compact D71 can be precisely oriented to local conditions via three manually adjustable axes (right-left rotation, pan-tilt rotation and image rotation). While these mechanisms are used for the basic orientation of the system, you can use manual rotation to handle special requirements. This lets you manually change the image format from 16:9 widescreen to 9:16 portrait for use in a long corridor, allowing for optimal surveillance due to better coverage of the surveillance area.

Superior Image Quality, Day and Night

Extensive range of lenses 

The compact D71 can be fitted with all optical 4K and 4MP day/night lenses with a viewing angle°of 15 to 95°. The wide range of lenses, including the light-sensitive UltraLowLight sensors, ensure brilliant image quality. The integrated IR lighting can be customized to the wide, standard or tele lenses to ensure optimal lighting and superior image quality at all times.

Dome for the Best Protection

Robust, weather-resistant and durable

The D71 is a classic dome camera with robust aluminum housing for indoor and outdoor use. The optics are surrounded by a weather-resistant and shock-proof dome (IP66, IK10, -40 to 65°C). This makes it suitable for many areas of application, such as public buildings, hotels, schools and other public places. Thanks to its MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of more than nine years, the video system is low-maintenance and saves you money.

Compact and Powerful 

High-performing throughout the whole line

The D71 has an 8-GB MicroSD memory card as standard. Thanks to its integrated audio module with microphone and speaker, it can be used for direct communication with people on-site (for example, through direct communication or via automated announcements). It goes without saying that the D71 meets the typical H.264 and H.265 standards and is ONVIF compatible.

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