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MOBOTIX now offers the MOVE NVR (Network Video Recorder), a particularly practical and easy-to-use plug & play solution - ideal for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.

This compact end-to-end video solution is recommended for numerous applications: in retail stores, restaurants or private homes - whenever the existing video analysis functions of the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are sufficient. All connected cameras are supported by the integrated, cost- and license-free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR video management software, which is tailored to the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.


Just plug & play: Connect cameras and monitor to MOBOTIX MOVE NVR and directly see live images

Everyday use does not require any specialized video knowledge

Direct connection of up to two high-resolution displays, keyboard, mouse and joystick

Once installed, the MOBOTOX MOVE NVR system does not incur any further costs

Local standalone video systems are safe from cyber attacks


NEW: 64-channel NVR with 24 PoE+ ports

With the new 64-channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) from the MOVE NVR series, you can now support even very large projects effectively. Up to 24 MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can be connected directly to each other and powered via the PoE+ ports. A further 48 ONVIF cameras can be integrated via the 64 channels. All connected cameras can be managed and controlled free of charge via the integrated license-free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR video management software, which is tailored to MOBOTIX MOVE cameras. The NVR supports the ONVIF profiles S, T and G, which makes it suitable for integrating into MOBOTIX HUB-based video systems too. 

64-channel NVR — system stability, storage and backup

The 64-channel NVR offers enhanced RAID functionality (0/1/2/5/10), which means improved system stability. Furthermore, the device can be operated as a failover recorder/backup function, which can be set up via an alternative firmware upload (available in the Download Center together with NVR Release).

The ability to conveniently exchange hard disk drives (HDD) from the front facilitates handling. 

MOBOTIX MOVE NVR with 8 or 16 channels

The classic MOBOTIX MOVE NVR desktop devices are available in two versions: one with 8 and one with 16 video channels and PoE ports. This allows a maximum of 8 or up to 16 MOBOTIX MOVE PoE cameras to be networked and powered directly with each other. It is also possible to connect an additional four or eight externally supplied IP cameras to the MOBOTIX MOVE NVR 8CH or 16CH. In this way, cameras that are physically further away can be connected to the MOVE NVR LAN Port via an additional PoE switch using only one network connection cable. Storage functionality requires one or two additional hard disk drives (HDD) per NVR (as needed).

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