Security automation as a priority

for Latvian companies in times of labour shortages

At a time of pandemics around the world, companies have had to "tighten their belts" and sometimes even go against their principles, drastically cutting jobs to avoid having to close down altogether. This move also encouraged them to be smarter, to think long-term, lean and optimise all work processes, including safety.

The first Security Technology Summit in Latvia in 2022 brought to the fore already "sore" issues, security on a local and global scale that can affect everyone. Last year, it brought together Latvian and foreign opinion leaders and security technology manufacturers from more than 15 countries. This Summit of 2023 now a tradition, will raise important questions for companies and institutions on security process optimisation or automation - how to be smart, save money; what are the experiences of local and foreign organisations; what to do to avoid making mistakes when making seemingly right decisions; should security automation be No.1 on every company's to-do list for the coming year and if and why every organisation needs to do it?

In 2023 on the Big Stage we had the opportunity to see and hear from opinion leaders such as Janis Saart from the NATO Centre of Strategic Excellence, Godfried Hendriks from ASIS International, Glenn Schoen from Boardroom BV Crisis and other experts in their field from the Baltics and Northern Europe.

One of the speakers on the Big Stage as Oskars Cēris from VAS "Valsts nekustamie īpašumi", who shared his experience on security automation and digitalisation in the real estate sector: the good, the bad and the ugly. According to Cēris himself, "For VAS Valsts nekustamie īpašumi, security, competence and cooperation are important company values. Last year's experience at the Nordic SecTech Summit gave us the opportunity to develop all three areas - getting to know new partners, technologies and ideas - so that we can continue to improve our internal and customer security processes. This year we have agreed to share our experiences on how new technologies have helped and are helping to improve our security processes. The Summit is also an excellent platform for the exchange of ideas, where experts, manufacturers, users meet and enable us to come up with better security solutions for all parties involved."

This conference had attracted a lot of interest among local and foreign businesses, including government and educational institutions. This is not only due to the key unifying theme of the Summit "Automation of Organisation Security", but also due to the list of guest speakers, which this year is larger than last year. One of the Summit's big men is Godfried Hendriks, who was formerly President of ASIS International (2020) and is currently active in ASIS International as Asia-Pacific Regional Advisor. Hendrik will share his experience and heartfelt topic on the Grand Stage - How to automate cash management? "I looked forward to attend the conference in Riga, because it was great to meet and support friends and colleagues from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The topic of security automation is close to my heart, and I was presenting some successful examples of how to automate cash management to drastically reduce overall theft and internal theft while saving costs in retail organisations. Also I was talking about the benefits of becoming a member of ASIS International. Having access to a global network of experts (that you can easily tap into) is how to expand and 'automate' your knowledge of best practices in the security industry," says Hendrik.

In 2023 gathering of industry professionals also had new features, such as unknown but committed security technology manufacturers from Germany and Sweden, a new workshop concept where manufacturers will share their real-life experiences, as well as a Q&A session at the end of the event where speakers will provide extended answers to questions from the audience in the form of panel discussions. In addition, there was surprises during the informal part, provided by the general sponsor Digifort Global. The Summit took place on 21 September in Riga, at the modern and multifunctional New Teika premises "Fantadroms".

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